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Each child is allocated a Keyworker, who has overall responsibility for monitoring their progress in Nursery. However, please feel free to speak to any member of staff  at any time, as we work as a team.


Each Keyworker group is allocated a colour as follows:

Jenny Woolner - Blue Group

Sue Barkley - Green Group

Susanne Skirrow - Red Group

Lyndsey Patel - Purple Group

Preston Nursery School is registered with Ofsted (URN: 146756).

We are members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

Aims for Nursery School

Aims for staff

  1. To develop further professional skills;
  2. To maintain a good relationship with adults;
  3. To maintain a caring relationship with the children;
  4. To be able to initiate ideas and projects;
  5. To have a reasonable working environment with suitable
  6. resources and support.

Aims for children

  1. To reach their full potential, including those with special
  2. needs and more able children;
  3. To develop a knowledge and understanding of
  4. mathematical concepts;
  5. To be able to communicate clearly and confidently in
  6. speech;
  7. To listen attentively and respect others;
  8. To take an interest in their environment;
  9. To develop a knowledge and knowledge of the world
  10. around them;
  11. To enjoy creative skills of art, music and drama;
  12. To develop agility and co-ordination through physical
  13. activities;
  14. To develop skills on the computer
  15. To develop an understanding of different religions and
  16. cultures.
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